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Plastic caps


At CCC Plastics, we manufacture and provide a full range of specialized custom products including color, whites, additives and compounds. Each identified unique need is considered during the development of products. In addition, CCC Plastics sources high quality commodity and engineered resins and polymer additives to meet your exact needs.

Plastic balls

Color Concentrates

CCC Plastics offers a color matching and formulation service to ensure that we meet application specific needs. Regardless of application, our product offerings provide a cost effective solution with reliable quality.

Plastic containers

White Masterbatches

Contact CCC Plastics for your white masterbatch requirements. We will deliver a premium industry standard or a custom multi-functional white masterbatch to meet your exact needs while also delivering a consistent masterbatch with excellent quality and performance.

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Additive Masterbatches

Our manufacturing facility provides a collection of standard and custom additive concentrates to increase the value of your end product and meet most processing and performance characteristics encompassing a wide range of thermoplastic polymers.

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Polymer Compounds

Filled and Reinforced Olefin Compounds: Custom designed compounds utilizing reinforcement materials that provide the desired mechanical properties.

Commodity resin

Commodity Resins

As a full service provider (package, bulk, rail) to the North American markets, CCC Plastics carries a full line of commodity plastic resins including Polyethylene, Polystyrene and Polypropylene resins from major global supply partners.

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Engineered Thermoplastics

Engineering or Specialty Plastics include ABS, TPU, PET, PBT, and PVC compounds which are required for applications that generally requires higher performance.  Our line card is available for a complete list of materials and vendors.

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Specialty Additives for Polymers

We have a wide assortment of specialty additive materials that include Process and Rheology Modifiers, Flame Retardants and Ti02.  These can be used to achieve many functional and aesthetic objectives.

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Product Lines/Data Sheets

CCC Plastics offers a full range of commodity and engineered resins and specialty products and our comprehensive selection includes the following product lines and data sheets.