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Offering you quality sulphur products that can be used in a diverse variety of industrial and process applications. 

Being one of the leading chemical suppliers in Canada, at CCC we can help your business succeed by offering hiqh quality sulphur products that can be used in a diverse variety of industrial and process applications. 

At CCC Chemicals, we focus on value-added solutions for the many different challenges you might face. Utilizing in-house expertise, we provide unparalleled technical support both on-site and off.

Our processes and attitudes are flexible and responsive and we can ensure that your sulphur products will be delivered safely, effectively, and intelligently. We aim to exceed your expectations by being proactive, resourceful, and dynamic. Our goal is to make your job easier.

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Flexible Packaging

CCC Plastics manufactures masterbatch solutions for polyolefin film applications that provide the best balance of opacity, weatherability, smoothness, and dispersability and process optimization. We are actively growing our portfolio of offerings with more value added solutions.

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Rigid Packaging

CCC Plastics provides materials of the highest quality for the rigid packaging industry. Our extensive knowledge and expertise assures that our customers will gain all the benefits and advantages of using our Masterbatch, Polymer Additives, and Resins.

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CCC Plastics provides consistent solutions and color for a wide range of consumer products that include garden furniture, flower pots, lattice and toys. Color strength, UV stability, pigment dispersability are all key performance criteria that are considered during the development of white, color and additive masterbatches.

Plastic pipes


CCC Plastics supplies color, white and additive concentrates and compounds in polyolefin, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride where unique and custom technical solutions are required.

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CCC Plastics produces a full range of white, color, additive and combination masterbatches to enhance the color, properties or processability of plastic resins used in the building and construction industries.

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CCC Plastics provides a full range of compounds, masterbatches and resins for use within transportation applications. Custom-designed white, color, additive masterbatch or PVC flexible compound or PO mineral filled compound are jointly developed to meet end user requirements.