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Customer Service – TF 800 465 6917 or

Direct access to a Customer Service Representative promotes ease of ordering and quick responses to inquiries. Our information management system allows us to customize each customer’s requirements, e.g. stock items, documentation and packaging.

Experienced marketing, sales and technical people can give you answers to your product inquiries and are available to assist and guide you regardless of which industry you represent.

The experience and dedication of CCC Plastics’ employees result in excellent service to our customers, bringing significant benefits to your business.

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Toll Compounding and Custom Blending

CCC Plastics specializes in offering value add compounding and blending solutions. For example, a customer provides the product formulation, specifications and raw materials, and CCC Plastics provides only the actual compounding or blending to meet the performance requirements of the end application.

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CCC Plastics can accommodate just-in-time deliveries, with warehousing, bulk storage and packaging capabilities at our facilities in Colborne and Elmira.


Product Info/Glossary

Additive: A substance added to a polymer in order to provide a specific functionality or characteristic.

Antiblock: An additive concentrate designed to alleviate issues in film where layers have a tendency to cling or stick together. Antiblocks are added to roughen the surface of the film. Antioxidant: An additive that is added to reduce or prevent polymer degradation caused by oxidation.