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Flexible Packaging

CCC Plastics manufactures masterbatch solutions for polyolefin film applications that provide the best balance of opacity, weatherability, smoothness, dispersibility and process optimization. We are actively growing our portfolio of offerings with more value added solutions.

Your CCC team expertly provides a full range of white, color and additive masterbatches to enhance the color, properties or processability of plastic resins used in the flexible packaging market. Polymer additives can be formulated as a single component or multifunctional type, and in combination with color. We have non-toxic heat stabilizers for PVC films, and a variety of Polymer Additives for improving processability.

CCC Plastics provides the industrial and consumer packaging industry with the following polymers: HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC, TPE, EVA, and Copolyester. We have the experience to fully understand this fast-paced, innovative and growing industry.

By choosing CCC Plastics for your masterbatch and resin needs, you enjoy all the benefits and advantages of our knowledge and expertise.