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Our Leduc operations are expanding!

Tuesday 2nd December, 2014

At CCC, we are growing and improving. We are celebrating our success with even better infrastructure at our Leduc facility:

  • In order to better serve our customers and deliver products in a faster and more efficient manner,  we have added 5 rail size storage tanks (increased from 1 tank) for a total of 6. Now, our railcars are arriving more often and we are able to store more material (25,000 gallons storage capacity outside). This allows us to increase productivity, speed of delivery and availability of product in Western Canada.
  • We have 2 new truck bays, for incoming and outgoing bulk.  Customers may provide their own products for Leduc to blend on their behalf, or customers may purchase CCC products for a blend.  A Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed to ensure the exclusivity of our customers' special formulae. There is more room now as we have added to our infrastructure a new 30,000 sq. ft. non-flammable warehouse. This is in addition to our 40,000 sq. ft. flammable warehouse and production facility. We have improved flammable warehouse racking in order to store even more flammable material, provide more efficient service and result in shorter lead-times. Now, we are able to blend faster and more efficiently.
  • We have improved the speed of our service by having 2 tankers that can work at the same time (compared to 1 truck unloading before).
  • In 2014, our staff at the Leduc facility grew as we have hired 2 more blenders (for a total of 6 blenders) and an additional forklift driver.
  • In 2015, we will expand our Leduc lab and add more blending capacity. There will be also an office expansion.

CCC Delta Site

Tuesday 4th November, 2014

The Delta Site has an experienced local team that can manage and meet your warehouse needs in our 17,000 sq. ft. chemical warehouse, 6,000 sq. ft. chemical packaging and bulk storage area and 18,000 sq. ft. of flammable solvent blending/packaging and bulk storage areas.  We are continuing to transition and focus our attention on key areas such as Mining, Water Treatment and chemical storage/blending while keeping a keen eye on our industrial solvent business. 

To support this direction, we are currently conducting engineering reviews to upgrade the infrastructure of CCC Delta’s bulk rail and storage capabilities to meet key Sales opportunities and initiatives.  Not only are we a distributor, but we can provide our customers with Logistic Services as well - custom blending, inventory management and delivery -  a dynamic and exciting service that we can offer.  This adds value and experience in training to our employees, broadens our scope and reaches into the marketplace, giving our customers the peace of mind that we will deliver quality and experience, as well as manage their risk through our EH&S programs and safeguards.

THE solution for your cement based products.

Monday 20th October, 2014

We have a new product now officially available from DOW CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS: RHOPLEX AS-8012.  Rhoplex AS-8012 is a styrene Acrylic Copolymer, a next generation, environmentally advanced binder for highly flexible cement-modified building product. It is designed for modifying cement to offer good flexibility...a critical requirement in waterproofing applications.

  • APEO Free / Formaldehyde Free / low VOC Content
  • Very low glass transition

If you would like further information or have any questions, please contact your local CCC Sales Representative.

Our production department fulfills a complex series of functions that are aimed at serving our customers better.

Friday 17th October, 2014

Our production department fulfills a complex series of functions that are aimed at serving our customers better. It is a two tier operation: 1. Liquid/Ingredients and 2. Dry/Plastics.

This department plays a central and critical role in ensuring an efficient and fast service. Thanks to their dynamism and devotion to provide an excellent service, our production department annually dispenses approximately 15,000,000 kg through the Liquid/Ingredients dept. and 10,000,000 kg through Dry/Plastics. Repackaging is at approximately 5% of these numbers. In addition, they facilitate goods handling, ensure volume and weight efficiency and help protect the products.  

Their operations are not affected by vacation nor by absences, as each employee is cross-trained and masters the various stages of production. In addition, we are proud of their commitment to always adhere to Safety Regulations. CCC wants to ensure a safe and positive working environment, and the production department is a great example that makes us proud.

Indeed, although this department does not work in the lime-light, it is a fundamental element of our activities and we ask you all to join us in thanking our employees of the production department for their active engagement  and great efforts to satisfy our customers’ demands at all times.

New line of urea formaldehyde resins, now available at CCC

Thursday 2nd October, 2014

To provide our customers with an even better and more complete service, CCC Chemicals now has access to Maprenal (urea formaldehyde resins) products. This is a great add on to our Resimene line (melamine formaldehyde resin).

Please see these links for more information about these products :



BASF Water Solutions Partners With CCC Chemicals

Tuesday 30th September, 2014

This week, at the WEFTEC Water Quality Conference in New Orleans, it was the perfect platform for the BASF Water Solutions announcement of the Canadian launch of an exclusive new partnership with CCC Chemicals, beginning October 1, 2014.

The BASF trademarked chemical product categories listed in the attachment(s) are specifically targeted to applications in drinking water, industrial waste water clarification, effluent sludge de-watering and the control/prevention of foam and mineral scale buildup.

These products nicely complement many other CCC product offerings supplied to important markets such as PH control, corrosion control, impurity removal, odor control, remediation, disinfection and dechlorination.