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Responsible Care: Not just a label!
Monday 29th June, 2015

CCC is one of the first companies to be successfully registered to the Responsible Care program. However, this is not just a label.

CCC is very much committed to not only provide high quality service but also to educate the customer on the safe handling of our products so as to minimize risk. CCC offers onsite training related to the management of chemicals, and storage and handling of dangerous goods. Also, our compliance services team have expertise to assist our clients to meet applicable regulatory and systems requirements.

For more information on our Responsive Care program, onsite safety training or compliance services, please contact our team at CCC.

Did you know….
Tuesday 23rd June, 2015

CCC offers you access to all the information you may need from the comfort of your desk any day, any time, any where. Our portal is available to you 24/7 and it gives you immediate access to:

  • your product documentation (MSDS, Spec sheets, etc.)
  • your purchasing history
  • your quote in real time

It also allows you to:

  • request a quote
  • place your orders online

What current users say about our portal:

“I find your portal very user friendly. I can access it quickly. I use it to place my PO and, soon after, I get my order confirmation.”

“Your portal is easy and direct. I use it mainly to get any necessary product documentation, to place my orders, and to request a quote.”

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please click the tab at the top of our homepage that says “Order Online” and "Request Login".

For more information please contact our customer relations specialist, Anna Haugh at anna.haugh@ccc-group.com, 

Hexion Inc. has developed a solvent-free epoxy system for moisture vapor transmission control
Thursday 11th June, 2015

Hexion Inc. has developed a solvent-free epoxy system for moisture vapor transmission control. A moisture vapor suppression system (MVSS), based on EPON™ Resin 233 and EPIKURE Curing Agent 3393, was found by a third party testing facility to provide a perm rating lower than 0.10 perms. With this low perm rating, when properly formulated and applied as recommended to well-prepared concrete surfaces, such a system is considered a Class I Vapor Diffusion Retarder and may be suitable for use under a variety of finished floor coverings such as vinyl tiles and sheeting, rubber-backed carpet , hardwood, and epoxy topcoats.

Attached is a pdf file from Hexion that illustrates the nature of the technology.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact your local CCC Sales Representative.

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CCC Chemicals is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
Monday 8th June, 2015

CCC Chemicals is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (“Momentive”), offering a diverse urethane additive (UA) product line, ranging from a broad array of silicone stabilizers to a full portfolio of tertiary amine catalysts to a selection of organic-based polyurethane (PU) foam property modifiers.

The product offering includes:

•             Flexible Slabstock Foam – Surfactants

•             Flexible Slabstock Foam – Catalysts

•             Flexible Slabstock Foam - Processing Additives

•             Molded Foam – Surfactants

•             Molded Foam – Catalysts

•             Rigid Foams – Surfactants

•             Rigid Foams – Surfactants

•             Rigid Foams - Catalysts + Processing Additives

•             Specialty Applications - Surfactants + Catalysts

•             Specialty Applications – Catalysts

For more information please contact your local CCC Sales Representative.

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CCC will be attending the 2nd Biennial Eastern Coatings Show
Tuesday 2nd June, 2015

The Eastern Coatings Show was established in 2013 and was warmly welcomed by the industry. This year, beginning June 1st until June 4th, the 2nd Edition will again be held in Atlantic City. The show is intended to offer educational and technical presentations to create a profound understanding of the theory, the science, the manufacturing and the marketing of coatings.  In a commercial world increasingly dominated by e-marketing, the show provides valuable face to face contact with existing clients as well as those new to CCC. We will be there to support the Canadian coatings industry and, therefore, our partners, customers and vendors.

Furthermore, by attending this show, CCC is interested in finding solutions, seeking inspiration or new ideas, developing international contacts, improving industry knowledge, discovering the latest innovations, meeting experts and learning the technologies that can improve the carbon footprint in Canada.  Participating in an event of this scale is an investment in the future of our business – as we continue to offer technologies that  allow us to be profitable, innovative & competitive.

Remediation Technology
Wednesday 27th May, 2015

CCC is pleased to offer remediation products from Regenesis - a market leader in In Situ/Ex Situ remediation technology.

Regenesis offers products which work with a variety of contaminants using appropriate technologies such as Desorption, In Situ Chemical Oxidation, Enhanced Aerobic Biodegradation, Enhanced Anaerobic Biodegradation, Metals Immobilization and Bioaugmentation.

The products include Petrocleanse, Regenox A and B, Oxygen Release Compounds - powder and pellets, and Hydrogen Release Compounds - controlled and extended release.

Regenesis and CCC will work with you to come up with a solution that starts with a recommendation and concludes with the supply of the correct product for your specific application.

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Announcing Italmatch: High Performance Additives For Lubricants
Monday 11th May, 2015

CCC is pleased to offer the Italmatch range of performance additives - used to formulate best in class metalworking fluids and lubricants.https://gallery.mailchimp.com/4fc9a2e3006c8e641d480c68d/files/Italmatch_brochure.pdf 

Applications include biodegradable metalworking fluids, performance lubricating oils for extreme pressure gear boxes, 2 and 4 stroke engine oils, hydraulic oils, wind turbine lubrication systems and very special additives for food grade lubricants.

If you have further inquiries, please contact your local CCC Representative.

Monday 11th May, 2015

Last fall, the Saint-Laurent company CCC Chemicals repaired part of its roof. To reduce its energy consumption, it opted for a white roof.

During the work, solar light pipes (www.oesx.com/#!daylighting/ccke) were installed to harness sunlight. Thanks to photo sensors, the lighting system can be turned off when there is enough natural light to illuminate the premises.

By making these choices, CCC Chemicals reduced its energy bill by more than 15% in the first three months of 2015, compared with the same period in 2014, despite the very harsh winter we experienced.

Clearly, sustainable development initiatives can generate substantial savings. Want more information on this project? Interested in improving your building to reduce your costs? Contact Sophie Mainville, 514-855-6000, ext. 4828.

We’ve got Plasticizers!
Wednesday 29th April, 2015

CCC is committed to providing quality products and solutions to our customers. From our vast, diverse line of product technologies, we offer an extensive selection of Plasticizers. Examples include, but are not limited to, adipates, phthalates, benzoates, maleates, butyrates and many more. Whether your need is to replace phthalates, meet FDA compliance, or increase high solvating power, we can help. Based on your requirements, CCC can help to provide the right product for your application. For more information, please contact our team at CCC.

Committed To Safety!
Wednesday 22nd April, 2015

After a long and successful run with our current President’s Safety Award Program; I am pleased to announce that beginning in 2015, we will be improving upon our Health and Safety Awards program.  I am personally very excited about our new Committed to Safety program which will reward both individual employee’s and the teams they belong to, for hourly Operational staff, and lab personnel. 

Points earned will be based upon continuous demonstration of safe behaviours, documented submission of Near Miss Incidents with viable solutions and process safety and efficiency improvements.  Our corporate and site goals of reducing Total Recordable Injuries (lost time accidents, modified work and medical aids) and individual employee attendance will also be recognized by the same program.

The points achieved under the program will be redeemed through CSI International, the same company that currently maintains our Service Recognition Program. You will be able to monitor your performance and those of your peers within your team at your computer or on-line at kiosks located on your site.

This will build on the ethics of our Responsible Care® and Responsible Distribution™ programs to ensure safety excellence in all aspects of our business.  With the introduction of this new program in the next few weeks, you will learn more from our Corporate Health and Safety Team on how you will participate.

 Safety is about doing the right thing, even if no one is looking, because safety starts with me!