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Tuesday 1st September, 2015

It is common knowledge that logistics is one of the main functions within a company. It dictates an organization`s performance and influences its ability to satisfy customers. It touches every aspect of a company's operations and, every day, can make the difference between success and failure, the difference between happy customers and dissatisfied customers.

Determined to offer only the best products and the most efficient services, CCC developed a series of training sessions, named “Logistics 101”, that involves all facets of the supply chain.

These training programs give participants an overview of what each logistics department does, what challenges they face, and what the participants can do to help make their jobs more productive and efficient. Most importantly, they enable all participants to coordinate and harmonize their activities with the various departments involved. At CCC, logistics operations includes inventory management, regulatory affairs, inbound transportation, customs, warehousing, customer service and outbound transportation (usually involving the CCC fleet).

The result of this training confirms that CCC logistics shares a common goal of providing excellent service and total customer satisfaction. Synchronization of activities and constant intra-departmental coordination are the main elements of the system currently in process to ensure that customer needs are met at all times. Above all, this process prepares all departments to evolve together with the continuously growing demands of our customers.

At CCC, we are united to offer our customers “the right product, at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost”.

CCC Chemicals is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Air Products linear alcohol ethoxylates, ether amines and amine derivatives.
Monday 24th August, 2015

CCC Chemicals is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Air Products linear alcohol ethoxylates, ether amines and amine derivatives. 

Air Products is a leading producer of speciality surfactants to the cleaning market for various applications from hard surface cleaning, laundry and vehicle care.

Their product offering includes:

Tomadol® - Synthetic and naturally-derived linear alcohol ethoxylates

Tomadry® - Drying agents

Tomakleen G12® - Detergent booster

Tomamine® - Ether amine and amine derivatives

Nonidet® - Ethylene oxide and propylene oxide non-ionic surfactants

In addition to a complete product line, Air Products also offers experienced technical assistance to help choose the right product for your cleaning solutions. 

Check out the “I&I Cleaning Product Finder” App on the Air Products website.  It is an easy-to-use tool that allows formulators to identify the right product for their formulation based on factors such as chemistry, application and regulatory criteria.

Besides the cleaning industry, these diverse surfactants also have applications in the mining market.  Click on the attached brochure to find out more

Consider CCC Chemicals and Air Products as a key part of your business.  Contact your local CCC sales representative to discuss how Air Products surfactants are the right products for your formulating needs.

Monday 24th August, 2015

CCC takes pride in delivering only the best products, from around the world, to its valued customers. Our partners are carefully selected and help us deliver not only quality products but also customer satisfaction. Savita Oil Technology, based in India, is the only carbon-positive Petroleum Specialty Company in the whole of Asia and a successful partner of CCC for more than 7 years.

Savita strives to customize white mineral oils and petroleum specialty products to suit and exceed our customers’ requirements, allowing them to be competitive on all fronts. The loyalty of our customers to these products is irrefutable evidence of their continued satisfaction.

White mineral oils and white petrolatum jelly are widely used in personal care, hot melt adhesives, candle base, metal working and corrosion protection, microcrystalline wax, HI&I, ink and coatings.

White mineral oils are also used in the plastics industry to improve and control the melt flow rate of finished polymer in order to provide release properties.

For more information on our Savita products, please contact your sales representative or CCC’s customer service.

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CCC is pleased to be working with Estelle Chemicals
Tuesday 11th August, 2015

CCC is pleased to be working with Estelle Chemicals, a leading producer of quality emulsifiers for various industrial applications. The Estelle Chemicals product line includes Estobate 60 (Polysorbate 60) and Estobate 80 (Polysorbate 80), two widely used esters used as a solubilizer/emulsifier of oils and fragrances, wetting agent, viscosity modifier, antistatic, stabilizer or oil spill dispersing agent.

Click here for Estobate 60 specification sheet
Click here for Estobate 80 specification sheet

In addition to Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan esters, Estelle Chemicals offers a full line of emulsifiers used in industrial markets such as oil and gas, metalworking and textiles to name a few.

Want to know more about Estelle Chemicals emulsifiers? Contact your local CCC sales representative today.

CCC is excited to be working with Estelle Chemicals
Thursday 23rd July, 2015

CCC is excited to be working with Estelle Chemicals, a leading manufacturer of emulsifiers for the food industry. The Estelle Chemicals product line includes sorbitan esters (Estospan 60) and glycerol esters (Estosoft 40 SE), which are both widely used as emulsifiers in whipped creams, prepared mixes, confectionary coatings, icing and fillings.

CCC is committed to providing quality products to our customers, so we are pleased to confirm that Estelle Chemicals is an ISO compliant organization and Estospan 60 and Estosoft 40 SE are both food grade, Halal and Kosher certified.

Click here for Estospan 60 brochure

Click here for Estosoft 40 SE brochure

In addition to Estospan 60 and Estosoft 40 SE, Estelle Chemicals offers a full line of emulsifiers, specialty esters, and bakery ingredients.

Want to know more about Estelle Chemicals emulsifiers?  Contact your local CCC sales representative today.

APCO Announcement
Tuesday 21st July, 2015

We are pleased to inform you that Canada Colors and Chemicals has made an offer to acquire the solvents and chemicals business of APCO Industries Co. Ltd. This marriage of industry leaders significantly enhances the full range of solvents and chemicals available to the diverse range of valued customers. The combined resources, with continuing exceptional focus on servicing accounts with quality products at competitive prices will prove advantageous to all customers.

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